New mobile wordPress app blog update


This is my first attempt at a WordPress app blog post here on the Dunwoody central website. This entire post will be done on Siri and will be done from the comfort of my front porch just down the street from the Dunwoody Village. I have been a licensed real estate agent for 10 years and have owned my own firm and have been a Dunwoody resident for over seven of them. I chose Dunwoody because of the schools and it was a perfect place to build a new construction home at the time. I found the perfect a lot in the perfect location and have enjoyed all the many years that I’ve spent here in the community.

I actually got to take a nice stroll this afternoon with my son who will be attending Dunwoody elementary at some point with his new ride from Costco(our favorite non-local store).

So far the only annoying thing about using Siri and WordPress to do mobile blog updates is the spelling of Dunwoody. So far I have three different variations. Dunwoodie, Dunnwoody, Dunwoody. Obviously the latter being correct. This is not the biggest deal in the world seeing that I did not have to type at a computer and was able to spend time with my family instead of having to put together this blog post.


and the verdict…so easy my kid could do it! This means lots more updates in Dunwoody from events to just listed real estate deals. Thanks for reading.