2013 Sales stats for Single Family Dunwoody Homes


Welcome to the Dunwoody central year end statistical report for the city of Dunwoody in the year of 2013 from Ian Marshall with eXp Realty with help from FMLS.

  • For single-family residential homes there are currently only 78 active homes for sale in the Dunwoody area.
  • These homes range from $155,000 to the most expensive being $1.2 million in the Arden Woods subdivision.
  • One interesting thing to note is there are only two homes for sale currently in Dunwoody over $1 million.

As for sold properties there were 385 homes sold year-to-date in 2013 in Dunwoody.

  • There were five homes that sold over $1 million and they were in the following neighborhoods hidden branches, Mount Vernon Estates and Dunwoody Club Forest.
  • The least expensive homes sold in Dunwoody was for a surprising $99,900 in view Lockridge Forest subdivision.

The average days on market for property sold in the Dunwoody area is 61 days or just over two months. This number is highly skewed due to a few properties that closed in Dunwoody that were extreme outliers. One home in Madison place was on the market for 406 days while another one in The Bill Grant community of Boxwood was on the market for 1051 days. The winner though for all of Dunwoody for the highest amount of days on market was a property in Dunwoody Club Xing and that property was on the market for a whopping 1385 days.

There are actually many properties in Dunwoody that were on the market for only one or two total days. Most of these homes sold at list price or for more. This just goes to show you that if a property is priced correctly it will sell quickly and possibly for more depending on demand and the amount of available competition.

A few of the neighborhoods with the highest sold prices in Dunwoody include Hidden Branches, Ridgeview Falls, a $900,000 home in Wyntergate and a few of the properties as mentioned earlier in Bill Grant’s Boxwood community.


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